What I did during my life so far

I’ve been doing this for a long time. I started banging on kitchen stools with knitting needles when I was about four and then graduated to strumming a cricket bat. I still play that bat from time to time. Soon I was spending time with my neighbour’s piano and singing along to a brace of my cousin’s old 45s. Yeah,yeah,yeah. Formed my first band-The Rejects- aged 11 in a woodwork class, and we went on to win the school talent contest with a song I wrote called ‘Anarchy In Wormwood Scrubs’, which was subsequently covered by The Carpenters. In that band (The Rejects, not The Carpenters) was Richard Youngs, a very fine musician who’s made a lot of albums since those heady days of talent contest glory. Various groups came and went and then one day I woke up in Plymouth sat behind a pedal steel guitar in a band called Medicine Bow. Hell of a band.

Then I moved to London and got involved with a bunch called the High Llamas. They’d worked with a guy called Arthur Lee as a result of which we ended up working with another guy called Lee, but this one was Lee Hazlewood. Lee worked with everyone and had the stories to prove it. He introduced me to Brian Wilson. I think it was George Best who told me never to drop names. A bit further down the line I found myself playing guitar with Petula Clark and even recorded with her, thus adding my name to a list which features that of Jimmy Page among others. How’s that for a tenuous connection? Now I come to think of it I walked past Robert Plant in Bristol a while ago. I think he recognised me. Anyway, then I wrote and recorded five albums just to pass the time before I became a father to twins. You can buy them if you want. The albums, not my children. That’s the second time I’ve made that joke, I know.

Lately I've been writing and performing with Theatre Ad Infinitum (two tours of their award winning 'Ballad Of The Burning Star'), Milk Presents ('Self Service' at the Edinburgh Festival) and Theatre West ('Icarus In Love' at The Bike Shed in Exeter.) I've also finished a new album,See How, which should appear on vinyl at some point in 2015. So thereyago.

Pete Aves